Endura cyclewear
Endura Cycling Clothing and Cyclewear
The central ethos of focussing on function and longevity has been at the very core of the Endura cycling clothing ranges since the company was set up in Edinburgh in 1992.
The company’'s founder, Jim McFarlane, has led the company to creating some of the most technologically advanced and athlete friendly cycle clothing available on the market, and all the time staying true to their belief in creating clothing of the finest possible quality.
Having control of their own factory and production line since 1993 have enabled unrivalled ease of experimentation and research, and regular consultations with all sorts of riders from champion pros to commuters ensure that the company is consistently serving their customers properly.
With several patents, industry awards and a cult following all going for them, you are guaranteed to love whatever you choose from the Endura range.

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